Photorealistic 3d product photography of jewellery - created by using 3DS Max and V-Ray.

3D Product Photography – Demise of the Conventional Studio Photographer

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As computer generated 3d product photography becomes more popular in advertising and product promotion, the days of hiring a real photographer and photographic studio are becoming less viable.

3D Computer software such as 3DS Max in the hands of skilled 3D Visualisers can create 3d product photography quicker, more cheaply, more beautifully and in more creative ways than a real photographer and photographic studio is able to.


Number one reason for this quite often is that the object or product simply doesn’t exist !  On this score, your conventional photographer is left dry at the dock.

But even if they did exist, a further reason to still go the 3D Visualiser route is often that the product arrangement for the shot may simply not be physically possible using conventional photographic tools and techniques.

3D Product Photography – Jewellery


Why Employ a 3D Visualisation Services Company?

However, perhaps the most compelling reason most business savvy people would argue in favour of using a 3D Visualisation Services company for boils down to the simple question of cash.  It is simply cheaper to employ a good all-round skilful 3D Visualiser to create and produce your 3D Product Photography than hiring an expensive team of professionals.

And whether the imagery be 3D Still, Animated or Object Virtual Reality,  any visual, effect, background look or object colour, shade or hue desired can be created by a 3D Visualiser that a conventional photographer can only dream of.


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  1. Anne Corry Artist
    Anne Corry Artist says:

    This visualisation of diamonds and ring jewellery is superb. If the rings were manufactured, I imagine gravity would not help this particular configuration should a photographer try to mimic it for advertising purposes! So, more creativity is possible with 3D visualisation which is a big plus.


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