A beautiful bespoke crest design modelled in 3d for CNC production - created by 3dvisuals.co.uk using ZBrush and 3DS Max.

3dvisuals.co.uk ‘STEPS’ into 3d CNC manufacturing

With almost 20 years in the 3d visualisation industry this recent commission was perhaps the most ambitious piece of 3d modelling 3dvisuals.co.uk have ever been involved in – highly organic and at first sight, seemingly impossible.

Our valued client wanted this personal creation to modelled in 3d in order to be manufactured and display mounted at the company premises.  So, armed with nothing more than a 2d computer sketch, they approached 3dvisuals.co.uk, the UK’s number one 3d visualisation service specialists for some guidance and help.

Our involvement entailed producing an exact replica of the 2d image we’d been provided with (see below) and creating a 3d model of it in a suitable output file for handover to his manufacturing company for production.

Now whilst 3d modelling might not sound too difficult (after all it is supposed to be what we do for a living !) – one only has to take a look at the intricacy and detail of what we had to work with to see how much of a challenge we were up against.



Furthermore, our client was going to produce this item at a pretty colossal 800mm, nearly a metre, in height!

At that size we knew 3D Printing was going to be out of the question since no 3d printer would be capable of creating such a large and intricate object (did we mention under-cuts ?).  Instead, our client’s crest was to be manufactured using 3D CNC machinery and that presented us with some pretty interesting technical challenges (everything at 3dvisuals.co.uk is a ‘challenge’ – never a ‘problem’ !).  Since when milling using CNC, either an IGES or STEP output file will only do.

We’ll save you the boring technical hoops 3dvisuals.co.uk needed to jump through to get to that final stage (think pipe smoking, head scratching boffin Engineers, that’s all we’re saying), but we think you’ll agree – that once more, 3dvisuals.co.uk pulled this very tricky challenge off and again another very satisfied and extremely happy 3dvisuals.co.uk client thinks so too!

And whilst final finishes have yet to be decided, we thought we’d help our client further by creating a few virtual finished versions for him to see what his beautiful creation could look like!

So here’s one we rendered out for him in Aluminium;


And here’s one we made earlier in Chrome!


Which material do you think our client’s custom, one off crest would look best?

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