A 3d visual of a new range of hair care products - by 3dvisuals.co.uk using 3DS Max and V-Ray.

3D Product Photography Created By Computer

Recently approached by our valued client to produce photo-realistic 3d imagery of their new hair-care product range 3dvisuals.co.uk jumped at the chance to assist !

What first seemed like ordinary shampoo and conditioner bottles soon turned out to be anything but.  In this short article we demonstrate the intricacies and detail we go to here at 3dvisuals.co.uk all with the sole aim of producing the most accurate and best 3d visuals we are capable of.

From front only view these bottles look fairly regular in shape.  However, from side glance it soon becomes apparent that what might look like bottles which are conical in profile, are actually in fact more detailed than that.

The top of the bottle starts off as circular, but the base is triangular in form.

Here is a screen capture from our 3d software, 3DS Max showing what we mean;



When modelling such an object in 3D it always pays to look out for lines of symmetry, since if those can be identified early on, then only a part of the whole object needs be modelled and replicated elsewhere, thus saving on production times which can be passed onto the client.

After a little thought, it was noticed that there are six planes of symmetry by which this bottle could be produced from a single plane – and here below is what we mean;



By mirroring this part of the bottle several times around its central axis, the entire 3d model of the bottle is complete;



Voila !

Now all that’s left is to apply realistic lighting, real-world materials and render it in our favourite 3d software renderer, VRay, and our product is complete.

Here is another example, this time showing our 3d model filled with clear shampoo.


3D Product Photography is rapidly replacing the traditional methods once used to create studio photography of products.

Here at 3dvisuals.co.uk we are being asked with increasing frequency to stand in for conventional photographers since we have the ability to alter just about anything in our 3D environment, including the actual model form and design itself.