3d photorealism from the past using 3DS Max. A 3d visual created in 1998 by 3dvisuals.co.uk

High-Quality Photorealism – The 3d Visualisation Industry Early Years

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Photo-realism, quality, speed, are just some of the expectations us 3D Visualisers have to face within the 3D Visualisation Industry.

This is something we have had to endure for as long as 3D Visualisation Services have existed.  Just when you think you have created the very best, photo-realistic 3d visual possible and that it can never get any more photo-real than your latest creation, somebody, somewhere in our industry raises the bar that little bit higher for us all to have to follow.

In this short article we wanted to go back in time to when 3d visualisation was relatively new and still in its infancy, to show just a few of the best 3D visuals that we had ever created.

At the time that they were produced, these 3d visuals were considered to be at the bleeding edge of 3d visualisation, 3d images that were at the very top of what was considered commercially possible with just a computer, some 3D software and a very skilled 3d artist.

What amazes us to this day, as seasoned 3D Visualisers, is how at the time our viewers were convinced that these images here were actual photographs of actual office interiors.

Even we thought so at the time as well !

As did a lot of broadsheet newspaper readers also;

3D Visual in The Times Newspaper - June 1998

Sure, we can all have a little chuckle at all of that today – but rest assured that today’s industry leading 3D visuals will soon also be tomorrow’s ‘old news’.

The habit for those of us who do this work daily is rather than looking at a 3D image and enjoying its finer points – our eyes are trained to look for tell-tale signs of imperfections, those dead-give-aways and areas of improvement which all too quickly dampen our addiction for the perfection which is ever-so-close, only never quite seems attainable.

The bar of realism is always being pushed higher and higher, as technology advances, skills and techniques are passed around and shared within our 3D community – not only do we 3D Visualisers constantly push ourselves to obtain higher and better photorealism, but our clients and viewers expect more from us as well.

Will this cycle ever end we wonder ?

What do you think ?  Is photo-realism as realistic today as it ever needs to be ?

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